The Best Uses for a Bucket Deer Feeder

Why This Lightweight Bucket Deer Feeder is the Perfect Choice

Where they are legal to use, deer feeders are an incredible tool for landowners and land managers. They allow you to supplement the diet of free ranging deer, which can be critical in certain areas during the winter months if natural food sources are scarce. Additionally, it can help pregnant or nursing does to keep their fawns healthy, or provide the nutrients bucks need to meet their full antler development potential. Not to mention, they are fantastic spots to hunt! But to make your life even simpler, lightweight bucket deer feeders prove to be even easier to use and fill than traditional feedersand you can hang them up in a matter of minutes by yourself. If you’ve tried other larger automatic deer feeders but weren’t satisfied, here’s why you should try this hanging bucket deer feeder.

Bucket Game Feeder Package

The Bucket Game Feeder Package is a great option for someone who is new to hanging deer feeders and wants to try it out on their land. It is small and cheap enough to not blink an eye, but at the same time, it is large enough to be worth your effort. The package comes with the bucket, a 6-volt battery, and the New Day dispensing feeder mechanism. All the exterior parts are corrosion and rust-resistant so you don’t have to worry about the weather while your feeder is outdoors. This bucket deer feeder is easy to fill by simply unsnapping the lid, and it holds 50 pounds of shelled corn so you won’t have to refill it constantly.

The New Day feeder mechanism is pre-programmed to dispense feed or corn at daybreak and one hour before dusk, which are prime feeding and hunting times. But the best part is that this New Day unit also automatically adjusts the dispensing times based on daylight lengths with a sensor, so you don’t have to program anything, making this a very easy feeder to operate. With the 6 volt deer feeder motor operating twice a day, you’ll usually get about 1 to 2 months run time out of it.

Benefits of Using a Bucket Deer Feeder

As mentioned, bucket deer feeders are much simpler to set up and faster to fill than drum deer feeders. You can easily haul the different components to your chosen spot and can quickly hang this bucket deer feeder from a sturdy tree branch, tripod, or other support. Additionally, you can easily open the lid to refill the bucket when it is empty. But the best part, as far as most people are concerned, is that smaller bucket feeders are easy on the wallet compared to traditional larger ones. And having access to a cheap deer feeder is a nice option when pesky wild animals (like bears and raccoons) have a tendency to destroy them.

Since they are smaller than traditional feeders, you can easily haul them into more remote hunting locations. A week before you hunt, you could simply bring the feeder out by yourself and hang it in a tree to start getting the deer used to feeding there at dawn and dusk. The automatic feeding during these time periods develops a pattern for the deer. Whereas, gravity deer feeders offer food continuously throughout the day and night, and it’s difficult to make a pattern off of that. Additionally, corn or feed that’s sitting out on the ground spoils fast because it’s exposed to humidity and heat – that doesn’t happen when it’s contained in the bucket. Make sure you also read these several deer feeding tips to make the most of your feeding program.

Things to Consider

One downside to using a smaller bucket deer feeder is that you have to fill it more frequently than ones with larger reservoirs (feeders that can hold several hundred pounds of feed will obviously last much longer than 50 pounds). This makes them a little impractical if they’re your only feeder (as you would have to constantly refill it) or if they’re located in a very remote spot that’s hard to access. But this size also has a larger capacity than a comparable 5 gallon bucket feeder, which makes it a good compromise between the two extremes.

Best Uses for a Bucket Deer Feeder

All in all, the bucket game feeder package discussed above is ideally suited to a few key situations. As mentioned, bringing the bucket feeder out before hunting season, especially in remote settings, is a great idea (again, where legal). It attracts deer to your area at certain times of the day, so you can start to develop a pattern for hunting them.

Another situation that this feeder would work well in is for getting great summertime trail camera pictures. Hang the bucket deer feeder along a trail (for easy refilling) and set the trail camera up on the other side of the trail. You’re guaranteed to get pictures of animals walking down this travel corridor, but deer, turkeys, and bears will all stop to munch on the corn in front of the trail camera too.

During the hunting season this fall, consider using one of these small bucket feeders if you don’t already use one. They are easy to hang and fill, cheap to buy, and produce the same great result as other feeders: attracting deer to your hunting area.

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